My mom didn’t want me leaving the house today because I’m still sick so after work she headed to stop and shop to buy more formula for Bryan and to buy stuff for us to make dinner.

When she came home she took the formula out of the bag and it was the one I’ve wanted to try Bryan on and I was THRILLED.

She fed him for me so I could start dinner, but I didn’t get very far because the boiling water kept freaking me out. Ever since the hot oil incident with John in my kitchen, I can’t do much (out of fear).

Bryan had about 2 tablespoons of apples and chicken (Gerber 2nd foods.. It smelt bad and tasted weird) then we tried him with the new formula. He took all 8 ounces and honestly, I’ve never seen him so happy during and after a feeding. My mom would take the bottle out of his mouth and he’d start giggling, but then get mad because he wanted the bottle back.

Since then, he’s barely spit up. A few drops here and there but other than that, instant progress. I’m hoping his doctor takes him off this stupid medicine soon because I didn’t even want him on the first one.

That’s that, though. Enfamil AR is better than Enfamil Gentlease.. That’s going based off of one feeding, though.. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

Our dinner tonight was baked macaroni and cheese from scratch and let me tell you, it was really fucking good. I went back for seconds which isn’t something I usually do, and once I was done I said “that was filling”. I didn’t feel hungry right after, I slightly felt like I was forcing myself to eat but eh, I wanted to finish all that I had in front of me.

My dad was visiting this past weekend (surprised me on Saturday morning) and then left to go back home earlier today. He left around 1:30pm, got to the airport around 2-2:30pm, and was on the plane by 4:30pm. He was only heading back to Florida, so he got there a bit after 7 I believe. He spent almost $300 on Bryan, gave me $240, spent over $100 on dinner Saturday night, spent over $50 on dinner last night, then spent more money on more food (throughout the weekend — plus, he took his friend to the movies). He brought $1,000 with him and left with nothing. I was shocked when he told me that tbh.

Oh and before I forget, it’s almost midnight here (currently 11:47pm) so Bryan’s going to be 7 months old in just a short bit! 1:38AM.. I’m waiting for you.

My baby is getting so big.

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You are gorgeous.

Thank you for thinking so. c:


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